Julien Thomas Photography

Photographer in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Julien Thomas is a professional photographer based in Cambodia and specializing in corporate photography.

I work primarily with the hospitality industry in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and provide a range of professional services including hotel photography, 360 degree photography, virtual projects and event photography.

Also, a “photojournalism” and “courses for children” sections are on my website. These topics are related to my previous journeys in Southeast Asia and have always involved my passion for capturing great scenes in photos.

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Virtual photo gallery by Julien Thomas. Visit here.

360 Degree Photography

I am an expert in 360 degree photography and using this type of photo to create high quality virtual projects.

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Discover my portfolio of 360 photos

Hotels Photography

I work with the hospitality industry from mid-range to luxury hotels, restaurants and resorts.

My photo shoots mainly focuses on hotel rooms, food and drinks, hotel properties, guest experience and hotels’ events.

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My passion for photography started with photojournalism in Southeast Asian countries.

This topic is about documentary and candid photography, reflecting real forms of authenticity in the remote areas I have steeped. It’s a topic with stories behind the pictures.

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Courses for Children

I have lead many courses for children, aiming to teach disadvantaged schoolchildren how to upcycle plastic waste into children’s crafts.

This topic is part of my experiences and my engagement in Southeast Asia, and has also contributed to my passion for photography.

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