Flatiron by Meridian International Holding – 11th Floor


Second virtual tour for the Regent Meridian International Property Pte Limited in Phnom Penh. As the Flatiron tower is getting built, the project manager wanted a virtual visit at the 11th floor of the tower. I’m very glad how my 360-degree photographs turned out.

The below Google Tour project will take you from the current Flatiron 11th floor to the Flatiron showroom – which was a part of my first project for this company.

My Virtual Tour

(December 2020)

Project Characteristics

• Total of 360º photos: Five.
• User Interface: 2D floor plan ⎮ VR mode ⎮ Client’ informations ⎮ Access to the client’s social network pages ⎮ Sharing options

curved arrow The virtual project

Click to visit the virtual project

360º Photos on Google Maps

The 360-degree photos available on the client’s Google Business Account.

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