Julien has worked for us twice and it was always a real pleasure for the whole team and the students to participate in his projects. He took 360° pictures of some facilities in the school (pictures are now on public access on our website and Google Business account) so everybody can visit the school and our training facilities from anywhere in the world! Then we took Julien back on board to cover the official 20th anniversary event of Sala Baï. We are delighted with the results of Julien's shots and the beautiful memories of this celebration.

Sala Baï Hotel & Restaurant School

Sala Baï Hotel School is an NGO school based in Siem Reap and powered by Agir Pour le Cambodge NGO based in France.

This school has an hotel, a restaurant, a spa and treatment, and before all it’s a center for Cambodian underprivileged children to learn about the hospitality hospitality services such as cooking, spa and treatment and among other aspects.

Due to my previous involvements with NGOs and underprivileged children (find here), I have been interested to get back into the atmosphere of such places, trying now to help with my professional skills – while applying a very special fee to complete my services.

Sala Baï 20th Anniversary

– April 28th, 2023 –

? Event photo shoot for Sala Baï Anniversary!

Here my job was to blend into the event and to document it such when guests were arriving, of the schoolchildren, during the speeches, etc.

Spa & Treatment Room

– November, 2022 –

A small volunteer photo project to showcase the school’s spa and treatment room. I had never had the opportunity to take photos of such a subject before, and it ended up being a win-win for the school and me – plus a nice massage photo now printed at the entrance to their massage room!

360º Photos On Google Business Account

– November, 2022 –

I’ve volunteered worked on a small Google Tour with my 360-degree photo service for the school.
The purpose was to showcase some of the school’s facilities and to help the NGO get started with online uses of 360 degree technology.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable and fun project, like when I was staging the anxious participating school children who were trying their best to smile (even though faces need to be blurred for 360º uses on a Google Business account ?), with the guests having lunch in the school restaurant, and with the housekeepers standing still when I was shooting in one of the school/hotel rooms.

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