The UNICEF Cambodia Communications Team worked with Julien on a 360-degree photograph and virutal exhibition to celebrate World Children's Day 2021. Julien's fantastic technical skills and effective communication allowed the project to be built in incredible time, with days left to update any final tweaks and ensure the functionality was in place across all devices. Julien was a pleasure to work with and consistently over-delivered on expectations, providing great value for money on the project. He went out of his way to support the team with Google Analytics by connecting them with an expert and following up to ensure all relevant data was collected. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a professional 360-degree photographer and virtual exhibition builder.

UNICEF Cambodia – World Children’s Day 2021


This virtual exhibition was built for the World Children’s Day 2021 event organized by Generation Future, an initiative of UNICEF Cambodia. This event physically took place in Phnom Penh, but because of the Covid-19 restrictions the Generation Future event’s curator decided to also include a virtual event of the physical event.

Generation Future is a program aiming to support young Cambodians (mentees) to transform their potential into action and achievement. Here this virtual exhibition has the goal of introducing the Cambodian mentees and their projects, in the same way that actually happened during the physical event.

I didn’t came as an event photographer, but I did a few photos during the event.

Virtual Exhibition


Project Characteristics

• Total of 360º photos: One.
• User Interface: Landing page ⎮ Multiple languages ⎮ Interactive elements ⎮ Embedded YouTube video and a playlist ⎮ Embedded of a Google Form ⎮ Link to the client’s social network pages ⎮ Links to the mentees Facebook pages ⎮ Information panel

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