Corporate Photography

Siem Reap, Cambodia


The more beautiful a hotel room is to me, or a place, or anything else, the more I enjoy working on a photo shoot and its post-production.
So yes, I like my job.

Based in Siem Reap, I work as a professional photographer and providing a range of corporate photography services.

My main activity is 360-degree photography, that I commonly use to create bespoke virtual projects such as virtual tours and virtual exhibitions.
I also work on hospitality photography from mid-range to high-end hotels and as a event photographer.

My approach to work has nothing to do with an industrial photo shooting; I take special care to each project I work on.
I work freelance and alone.

Hospitality Photography

Working as a hotel photographer, my service aims to showcase clients’ properties and commonly focus on hotel rooms, food and drink, guest experience, day and night shots and hotel events.

I work with the whole hospitality industry, from restaurants and resorts, to mid-range and high-end hotels.

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360-degree Photography

I’m an expert in 360-degree photography. The quality of my work is remarkably high, providing the result of looking at an area (360 degree photo) as if we were exactly there!

My 360-degree photos are commonly used for social networks, OTAs, Google Business Accounts, and are the basics for my virtual projects.

Event Photography

Fashion shows, hotel events, gala dinners and other kinds of events: my event photography has the purpose to document them.

This type of photography is about a photographer (me) roaming in shooting venues to capture visitors, candid shots and, as much as I can, some decisive moments.

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