360 Degree Photography

Siem Reap, Cambodia


What is 360 degree photography?

It’s the art of capturing an entire scene in a single image.

Professionally speaking, this type of photography is used to create online supports and immersive identities for all kinds of establishments focusing on their online communications.

Creating virtual projects is the most common end result with 360 degree photos, such with my previous clients’ projects in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

I am an expert in corporate 360-degree photography.
My work means that my photos are high-quality, super clear and pixel-perfect as much as possible.

Shooting with a small device to take a 360 photo in ‘one click’? It’s definitely not for me!
I work with professional equipment and a long experience.

In my opinion, 360 degree photography is the most honest way to showcase a small or a large space.

My Portfolio

First of all, discover my portfolio to see the work of a professional 360-degree photographer.

Feel free to zoom and rotate the images to appreciate the great work!

360º icon

360-Degree Photo

What is a 360-degree photo?

It’s the aspect of viewing an image interactively (360º rotation) from its central position.

Know that a 360-degree photo can also be called a VR photo, photo sphere, and spherical photo.
There is no difference between them.

However, a 360 panorama is not considered as a 360-degree photo. This type of image/panorama means that the zenith and nadir (the highest and lowest parts) of the image are missing.
Similar with 3D photo which is a wrong word, as "3D" usually goes with "objects" only, not with 360º photo.

Also, did you know that a 360-degree photo is first of all a 'flat image'?
See below how such photos look like before they can be rotated 360º.

Virtual Projects

Virtual projects are made with 360-degree photographs.

A virtual project may be called a virtual tour and it typically focuses on the virtual visit of a property. This type of project is commonly used to showcase real estate properties and high-end hotels.

A virtual project can also take the form of a virtual exhibition, and this category is usually used as a medium for physical exhibitions and by museums.

360 Photos and Google Business accounts

Still for professional and communication uses, showcasing 360-degree photos is available for establishments with a Google Business account.

Here the 360° photos will be available online for Google users and with the possibility to use/embed those images on any business website.


I work with a Nikon full-frame DSLR.
The size of my final 360-degree images are 288 megapixels (non-enlarged).

The common platforms are Facebook, Google Business accounts, Google Maps, Google Earth, Booking.com and all business websites.

Other platforms such like Instagram, TripAdvisor, Agoda and others OTA (Online Travel Agency) doesn’t support -yet?- 360-degree images.

▸ Note for TripAdvisor: sometimes we can find 360º photos available with some accounts. These images were uploaded by authorized TripAdvisor photographers and no other third-part photographers can upload such photos on any account.

Each third-party hosting platform has their own policies to the medias you are publishing to their platforms – such as the compression of a 360-degree image, of a photo, etc.

Because native computers and devices aren’t built to display/rotate such images. You’ll need to install a third-party program or an app.

Did you know that 360-degree photography was developed in the late 19th century? Read this Wikipedia page for more info.

Do you have another question, even technical, to which you’d like to have a clear answer? Contact me.

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