360 Photos on a Google Business Profile

360-degree photos and Google Business go hand in hand.

Having such an account gives the possibility to show 360 photos on a Google Business Profile. This aspect is clearly aimed at increasing the online visibility of a place, and it’s an official feature offered by Google Business for its subscribers.

More than showcasing 360-degree photos on your profile, Google Business also offers the ability to embed those images on a business website.

Know that there are some downsides for professional uses of 360 photos with such accounts. Learn more in my FAQs.

360 photo at night in Sandy Residence
Sandy Residence - Otres Village (Sihanoukville)360 degree photography

Google Maps

Today, Google Maps is probably the most well-known way to view 360 photos on Google Business Profile.

How to view the 360 photos?

Jump on the photo gallery and navigate to the "Street View & 360º" tab!

Also, know that all Google services are interrelated. For instance, if you see a 360-degree photo on a Google Business account, you’ll also find it on Google Earth, etc.

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Uses On a Website

When a 360-degree photo is available on a Google Business account, it can also be used on any website.
Find my FAQs below to know the process.

This type of ‘virtual tour powered by Google Street View’ is very familiar to most users today. Here, the user interface is made by default and includes: navigation arrows, full-screen mode, zoom buttons and floor levels.

Check out this example.

Google Trusted Photographer

Google Trusted

Being called Google -Street View- Trusted Photographer does not mean that a photographer is a great photographer! Far from it.

Know that this program is temporarily closed.
Until 2018, the “Trusted” certificate was automatically awarded to photographers who published more than 50 360-degree photos on Google’s mapping platforms – Maps, Earth, etc. However, the Google’s AI can’t recognized if the photos were great or awful, and here was (I guess) the breaking point.

Learn more: Welcome to trusted and Street View trusted photographer program

Do you want to know if a "Google Trusted Photographer" is a great photographer?

First, ask them to show their 360-degree photo contributions to the Google platform!

Google Street View

What is Google Street View?

It's a Google technology featured in the mapping platforms of Google Maps and Google Earth.

Basically, it’s the tech we’re using to view 360 degree photos (Street View photos) on someone’s Google Business Profile.

Know that way before promoting such 360 degree photos of any places, the photos are first of all a contribution to Google’s mapping platforms.

About my Service

I kindly upload 360 photos on Google Business accounts for clients inquiring for a 360-degree photography service (see my fees).

What do I include when carrying out this service?
The geolocation of the 360° photos on Google’s mapping platforms, linking them into the photo gallery of Google Business accounts and adding floor levels (if necessary).

Visit my photo portfolio to see the work of a professional 360-degree photographer.

Visit my photo portfolio to see the work of a professional 360-degree photographer.


Commonly by using Google Maps.

Research the place you’re looking for, click the first image you’ll find to access the photo gallery, then navigate to “Street View & 360°”.

Step by step process – updated 2023.

  1. With a laptop/desktop, open your internet browser, jump to Google.com only, and research the place you are looking for.
  2. On the right side of the screen you’ll find a panel with the Google Business account/profile of the place. Click on the Google Maps window.
  3. When Google Maps is open, click the featured image of the place (top left).
  4. In the filter bar, navigate to the “Street View & 360º” tab, then select the 360 photo you want to embed.
  5. At the top left of the 360 photo, you’ll find a small window with a few information. Here, click the (3 vertical dots) ⋮ icon and select “share or embed image”.
  6. When the “share” window is open, select the “embed a map” tab.
  7. Set yourself the default view you want – by rotating and zooming on to the 360 image. Then click “Copy html”.

Know that:
• The “copy html” code changes each time you move/modify the default view of the 360 photo.
• The “copy html” code can be easily customized such as its size, border, adding CSS, etc. by a webmaster.

• If the photo has a Google’s logo/copyright: unfortunately, it’s not possible.

Know that using the “report a problem” button is a waste of time and hope. This feature was created to report a lack of privacy and anonymity, offensive content, inappropriate location, etc.

• If the photo has someone’s logo/copyright: get in touch with this person.

It’s not possible.
This aspect is handled by the Google Business account AI.

It’s not possible.
This aspect is handled by the Google Business account AI.

Professionally speaking, the main downside is that this solution is entirely managed by Google’s AI, and which can potentially face different bugs with the uses of 360º photos.

All professional 360-degree photographers should know how to work/deal with this AI. However, and potentially facing a buggy situation with your 360-photos and the Google’s AI, the best option will be to delete the photos and to re-upload them.

Also, any professional 360-degree photographers are clearly limited to the features offered by the Google Business platform! For instance, ‘changing the default view of a 360 photo’, etc. is not possible to achieve – neither by the owner of a Google Business account -you-, nor by any third-party photographers.

Do you have another question, even technical, to which you'd like to have a clear answer?