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One day, I was in a meeting with a real estate agent, and this person looking at my printed photo booklet/portfolio said to me "wow you must have a f**** great camera" and I kindly replied "I don't have the best camera, but I know how to use mine."

Event photography is a subject (as well as street photography and photojournalism) for which professional photographers spend most of their time on alert, always keeping a close eye on what is going on around them and trying to spot ‘from where’ we could get our next best shot.

During events, there isn’t much time to compose a shot, or to be too much distracted by a beautiful creature passing by, or even to take a long break. Being reactive is important.

Like other event photographers, Julien’s work don’t focus on taking group photos and portraits, but more on taking candid shots – to capture people in their natural state without disturbing them.

About photos with people, you can also visit his Guest Experience portfolio.

Fashion model during the fashion show
Fashion model on catwalk - Siem Reap

Hospitality Events

His primarily requests are for hospitality events, such as gala dinners in hotels, Christmas and New Year parties, shows and concerts.

Julien prefers to take candid photography, trying to capture decisive moments – other than to take portraits of people kindly smiling him.

Fashion Shows

Once, Julien had the opportunity to work as a fashion show photographer and it was a great experience!
His job was to take BTS (Behind The Scene) photos of the models during makeup, while the dresses were being adjusted on the models and of the models on the catwalk.

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