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My inspiration is critical to every shot I take.

I find food and drink photography to be a time consuming subject, as I often step out from behind my camera to properly set my my close-up shots.

When taking such photos, I find it essential to use the aesthetics of my clients’ places to my images. This involves using my appreciation to show off the atmosphere, their branding and style. Also I want to work with meticulous shooting angles, natural or artificial lighting and perfect apertures as much is possible.

Very rarely I will shot two food and drinks photos in an identical way during a shooting, because each dish and drink deserves something unique in my approach to work.

rum bottle photo shot
Georges Rhumerie & Restaurant - Siem Reap

Food Photography

Breakfast tables, all kinds of dishes and desserts are usually the images requested by my clients.

In my work, food photography involves to show a dining experience. In this regard, staging F&B props takes an important part in my photo shoots and such as table cutlery, restaurant chairs or the stalk of parsley topping a dish, to name of few.

I much prefer to work with props and elements found on a restaurant table, the property’ garden, etc., rather than just using a range of ingredients (e.g. veggies, seeds, sea salt, etc.) to stage my food shots.

Cocktails Photography

Are you fancy for a nice cocktail or a cocktail shot? 😋

My approach for drink and cocktail photography is to artistically show beverage with all types of elements found in my clients’ properties.

What are the shooting angles I prefer to work with? Eye level shots, low angle shot and close-up shots.

Restaurants & Dining Rooms

Showcasing my clients’ restaurants and dining rooms is also a common request. For this subject, I focus on architectural photography and look for to reproduce the aesthetics of the places and their atmospheres.

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