Guest Experience

What do I prefer when shooting with people?
Candid photography and the decisive moments.

This is a dual subject focusing either on the guests’ recreational times at a place, or a place/hotel’s services for their guests.

As other professional photographers, my Guest Experience photo shoots are done with models or guests and both are a different approach: staged shots (with models) and candid shots (with guests).

As much is possible, I’m not interested to show the models’ and guests’ faces for privacy purposes. My approach to work focuses on using people to express emotions such as leisure, well-being or a hospitality service.

Similar to this photo suject, you can visit my event photography portfolio.

hotel guest with Apsara dancers
New Year's Eve Party - Victoria Angkor Resort, Siem Reap

Without Models

Photographing without models, is for me take candid shots. And it’s definitely the type of situation that I prefer to work with.

Here I like to focus in capturing special/decisive moments and any kind of emotion, without the guests looking at the photographer (me) as much as possible.

My work is to take corporate photos, not with people doing this ✌️, this 💪, or that 🤌! This is definitely not for me.

With Models

Taking photos with models is again a subject where I’m not fan to show the model’s face – but sometimes I can’t do without it.

Staging the frames and the models are critical elements, also I work with natural and artificial lights.
My goal is to show the standing of my client’s places.

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