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What's my credo in taking photos?
"Shot what you like!"

This portfolio mostly focuses on architectural photography and highlight the charms of Julien’s clients’ properties.

Like other professional photographers, Julien work with natural light and an artistic perspective to show buildings, hotels swimming pools, dining rooms, lobbies areas, and so forth, in all their glory, or to reflect their calm ambiances.

His night photo shoots and artistic post-production may reveal ‘what’ is on a frame, but ‘what’ eyes can’t properly perceive, such as the light and water reflections on swimming pools. This is a beauty in photography for Julien.

Kenary lobby at Angkor Village Hotel - Siem Reap

Night Shots

Night photography is the subject to which Julien usually spends the most his time during a photo shooting.

Indeed, the wind condition and night photography are not the best friends, as night photos always involve long shooting exposures. Likewise during sunset which always occurs for a short period of time.
So if it is too windy or if the sunset has passed, Julien may prefer to come back the next day to work in the best conditions.

Interiors and Hotels Restaurants & Bars

Julien’s goal is to reproduce the atmosphere and style of his clients’ restaurants, lobbies and other areas. The composition of the images is of course essential and Julien will make sure to photograph with perfect horizontal and vertical alignments. Shooting these areas during the day or night? Julien will quickly find out what time of the day can produce the best photographic results.

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Exteriors and Hotels Swimming Pools

This category is very important because it is usually the type of photo a hotel wants to use as their main photo.

Here, Julien will always take in consideration the weather condition (shaded spaces, clouds and sunlight) and sometimes using an ND filter. Indeed, professional hotel photographers are working on professional post-production, rather than ‘fixing mistakes’ which could have been avoided if a photo had been taken at the right time and with the right equipment.

During photo shoots of hotel fronts, Julien will ensure that all electrical cables from the streets are removed during post-production of a photo. Indeed, they can be very disturbing to a final image – and they do not belong to the hotel.

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