I take special care for each photo. My goal is to reproduce what my eyes see.

Photos of hotel rooms and hotel bathrooms are certainly one of the best ways to showcase the standing of a hotel.
In this concern, professional photographers will stage a shooting space according to their taste for elegance. Indeed, hotel photographers will be hired because we (you) love their styles!

This portfolio includes the main types of photos I take for my clients, such as traditional photos of hotel rooms, hotel bathrooms, detail photos, newlywed bedrooms, accommodation terraces and balconies, and of course, poolside rooms!

Photographically and professionally speaking, I work to reproduce what my eyes see.
 This is very easy to say, but not easy to do!

hotel poolside room with bathroom
Sakmut Hotel & Spa - Siem Reap

Hotel Rooms

I really like hotel rooms photography because of revealing all the ‘behind the window’ details.
A professional photographer will ensure that a photo does not looks burnt (white) in any aspect of an image – which will always occur when shooting with windows (when the ‘behind a window’ turns out completely white/burnt). I achieve this aspect with a professional and manual HDR rendering.

In my approach to work, I can make a photo beautiful because a space is real, not because it’s ‘styled’. Adding extras to a hotel room like stemware and a bottle of wine because ‘it looks better or more romantic’? It’s not for me.

In my work and ethos, people and hotel guests will see a representation -even artistic- of reality.

Also, shooting a ‘small’ hotel room will not look ‘large’ with my final photos. Lens distortion (when using a wide-angle lens for rooms photography) will be adjusted in my post-production, to show a hotel room the proper/real way it is.

What’s the accessory I always have for rooms photography?

Quilting pins! To tidy up folds on bed sheets and other linens. 😌

Hotel Bathrooms

This is not an easy subject when shooting small bathrooms. However, the potential use of a wide-angle lens, the reflections on bathroom mirrors and tripod removals during post-production, can yield the final results we are looking for. Staging bathroom amenities is also an important aspect that I consider before taking a shot, as making sure the bathroom mirrors are super clean!

See my hotel bathrooms and detail photos.

Accommodation Terraces and Balconies

Here I prefer take the photos from outside the rooms. Although we may see the bedrooms’ terraces and balconies in my Hotel Rooms shots, ‘from outside the room’ is the best option for me. For this subject I prefer to shoot at night, so I can artistically highlight the lights and shadows from outside the rooms, and also reveal all the ‘behind the windows’ details.

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