Pricing or not photography services on a business website is always a source of much debate among professional photographers. In that matter, you will find below the starting prices or the average investment rangers to my services. Those first information will already give you the idea if my costs matches with your budget or not.

All my services pricing includes the photography and the post-production fees. My photography pricing is all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees.

hotel poolside room with bathroom
Solitaire Kamreuk

Hotel Photography

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360-Degree Photography

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Additional Infos & Costs

Per-Image Rate

Most professional photographers work with a per-image rate.

In comparison with a per-hour or daily rate, a per-image rate puts no pressure on a photographer’s shoulders to take the best shots, giving the necessary time and preparation. The benefit to the client is that you only pay for the final photos, regardless of how much time the photographer spent taking the photographs.

Travel times and expenses

Unless you have a professional photographer based in your neighborhood, a professional photographer will have to travel to the client’s place, and this expense will be at the client’s account. You will need to provide accommodation, meals and transportation to the photographer for and during the photo shooting.

How long a photo shooting will take

Taking a corporate photograph isn’t straightforward as some people can expect. Taking one shot for a professional photographer can take up to 1 hour. Setting a tripod, composing a frame, staging a scene, finding the best shooting settings according to a photographer perspective and the light conditions and many other aspects, are critical to ensure that a professional photographer will have captured THE shots he/she wants before taking them into post-production.

However, for photo shooting with high-end hotels, restaurants and corporate spaces, professional photographers will use a “call sheet” document. This type of document aims to organize a photo shoot such as the start time, shooting time per locations, ‘what’ or ‘who’ needs to be involved and breaks times.

Organizing a photo shoot must be very well scheduled. For example, when taking photos in a hotel lobby, we don’t want to create an inconvenience for the hotel guests during check-in/checkout times.

Post-Production Fees

Depends on the professional photographer you are working with, some photographers will add extra costs to a project. This is according to the number of photos a photographer will need to edit.

All the post-production fees are included in my services and rates.

rum bottle photo shot
Georges Restaurant & Rhumerie

About Julien Thomas

I shot and edit each photo myself. This ensure that you are getting the full Julien Thomas Photography experience for your project.
I work with a full-frame DSLR, only take RAW shots and I have several lenses, plus other equipment to get the right and best shots according to the shooting situation.

I always find my own inspiration after looking at a hotel room, bedroom bathroom, etc., getting a first feeling for the place and considering potential shooting angles before getting my camera on board.

I work my photo post-production with some licensed Adobe software and with a calibrated monitor. I don’t have much to say on this part, other than I edit my photos in 16 bits only. All professional photographers have their own style and talent when shooting and editing.

Professional photography is kinda like cooking.
If your cooking ingredients/RAW shoots are not great, your dish/final photos may have been better!

Also, if you're not skilled in cooking/editing your photos.. this is another story!