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Banana Resort


It’s my third project with Banana Resort.

This virtual tour project covers three villas of the property, including the bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. The shooting also covers the property swimming pool and garden areas.

When preparing such a shoot, the first consideration is to define ‘where’ the 360 photos must be shot. Before shooting and while already picturing the final virtual tour, professional photographers know that the viewers will easily/naturally be able to catch ‘where they are/were’ to where they’re going.

Have look at Banana Resort website and find how this project has been used for their visitors.

Virtual Tour


Project Characteristics

• Total of 360º photos: Twenty three.
• User Interface: Direct access to three villas ⎮ Client’ contact ⎮ Day & Night mode ⎮ Media on TVs ⎮ Navigation arrows ⎮ Share on Facebook

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Google Tour


The 360-degree photos available on the client’s Google Business Account.

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