It is with pleasure that I thank Mr. Julien for being a professional photographer and expert in the organization's 360-degree Virtual Tour and User Interface (UI). After working with Mr. Julien for a couple of months, during which time he worked with us on a 360-degree virtual tour, we have observed that he dedicated himself to working on our development project, Borey Tyleang, with concentration, transparency, and independence, providing us with a high-quality project. Besides this, he also gives us free maintenance; the project processes smoothly on our website. As a result, we believe our 360-degree virtual tour project will make our prospective customers more convenient to know more about our products digitally before they decide to buy our products. Finally, we would like to recommend you work with Mr. Julien if you want your products to go viral.

Borey Tyleang virtual project

Virtual tour project for Borey Tyleang Group in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The Borey Tyleang Group is a real estate developer, and they contacted me to create a virtual tour of two showrooms/units ready to be showcased on their website.

I’m proud of the final project.

My Virtual Tour

– July 2023 –

This virtual tour focuses on the visit of the Twin Villa and Shop House C showrooms, from the ground to second floor.

We decided to start the virtual project in the office of Borey Tyleang Group, then to drive the project users to visit the showrooms.

The project has been created with a contact window, with the promotional videos of the showrooms embedded on the showrooms TVs, a background soundtrack and among other elements.

Project Characteristics

• Total of 360º photos: 22.
• User Interface: Embedded Google Maps | Embedded floor plans | Uses of video clips on TVs | Photo galleries | Background soundtrack

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